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Ask The Beauty Advisor's Podcast

Thanks, for joining me for my health and beauty podcast! This is a place where you get your health and beauty questions answered. With host and beauty advisor Deanna Lyn. Deanna has been a licensed skin care professional and health coach for over thirty years. For More Info. Visit

Dec 13, 2018

Layne Dalfen the books

laynes website

As a licensed psychologist and practitioner for 40 years, lanye considers herself knowledgeable about dreams and their interpretation.  I have yet to meet anyone who could deliver this material as usefully and intelligently as Layne does. Both through information and demonstration, Layne makes the material come alive. She has a depth of understanding of dreams and dream interpretation that I have not found in a great many psychologists, social workers or psychiatrists. This is truly her area of expertise that she has devoted herself to for decades. She is a grand master...